Incredibly Realistic Futanari Made With CGI

Ever since computer-animated movies became popular people started dabbling in it and making all kinds of nasty pornography but it wasn’t until fairly recently that they have gotten really good at it and, because of better and more powerful computers, nowadays we can have any girl transformed into lusty CGI futa in no time, in addition to all that cartoon porn. Elizabeth from Bioshock is a popular choice and you can often find her with a throbbing boner but there are also many fresh futa babes.

Poker Sluts Game adult review

Luck be a lady tonight, and she’s ready to fuck. Poker Sluts is an online game that plays into this phrase and does it incredibly well. The game requires you to think through your strategy and makes you earn all the sex scenes that you get, but they also make it fairly easy to get to them. If you’re clever enough, then you can win in no time. Let’s take a close look at some of the Hooligapps game’s aspects.


So, the story starts with you screwing some gangster’s girl and goons come in to castrate you. Already we are balls to the wall with this story. Don’t worry though you get saved by hot women in what appear to be leather outfits and domino masks. They bring you to your long-lost uncle who says that he’s dying. He needs a worthy successor to take over his legacy of casinos and whores.

I love how freaking blunt this game is with its story. Some games excuse the actions of their heroes by making them go on some insane quest in order to save someone or conquer a land because we excuse that. This guy is a low-level gangster and they go full into it. It’s just the right balance of story, game-play, and sex.


This game is really easy in principle and a touch challenging in practice. Let’s go over the basics.
When you go into a ‘poker game,’ you have five cards in your deck. The girls in this deck fall into a certain suit. They also have two important numbers on their card- their health (which is how much damage they can take) and their attack points (which is how much damage they can give.) You are then given five cards from a standard card deck. You click on a card and the girl/girls with the same suit are selected to fight. There’s no limit on how many cards in your hand you can pick. You can also see what the next five cards are so you can plan how many cards you need to select. Same rules of poker apply there, higher cards get you a bonus and combos are better than higher cards. You get two attacks for every one of your opponents. You get bonus, one-time prizes for finishing games in as few moves as possible. These prizes are used to help upgrade or seduce your girls to make them more powerful. Having a powerful deck makes you even more dangerous than you already are.

In order to seduce your girls, you have to get smiles from them by winning them in poker games. Winning the poker games also gets you certain items that you can use to upgrade them. Seducing them gives them more power than upgrades, and then you have a bunch of naked women beating people up for you. You can also get these from suitcases in the store. One of these suitcases spawns every eight hours and is completely free, giving you money, an item or two, or maybe a girl. You can also buy a suit case for in game money or a third with gold coins that you pay for with real life money.

I said before this was challenging and really that’s because you have to think through all of your moves before you can beat someone. If they have more powerful cards, you can go back and play lower levels to get money and earn more items to upgrade and seduce your girls. The biggest challenge is just putting in a little bit of effort to get a whole lot of ass.


The graphics are pretty standard from what I’ve come to expect from these games. They aren’t overly showy, but you can tell that actual thought went into the people that you’re battling and the girls that you’re playing. I am 100 percent certain that the people that designed this game also designed slot bitches because I recognize a lot of the girls. But I liked the girls there and here is no different. If anything, they’re better here.


We all know that no free game is really free. Sure, you can slowly limp your way through it, but let’s be honest, you want to go through the game and the levels as fast as you can. To be fair, this is one of the better games when it comes to moving quickly without having to buy anything. That being said, I checked some of the prices and they’re really low. Like the day I started playing there was a sale going on where you can get something that normally costs $100 for $10. Another good part of the game is they give you plenty of money and resources to start out. The only thing they don’t give you is gold coins, which can be used to buy in game money and more energy and more items. Really though, the energy spawns so quickly that you can get money pretty fast.

It is good to know that If you decide to drop some money, you won’t be betting on a losing hand.


So, this game doesn’t have any music. I logged on several times and tried to hear it, even looked for a settings switch, but there’s nothing that I could find. I want to say that this is a really big turn off and it makes the game bad, but it doesn’t. The first play through I didn’t even realizes there wasn’t music playing because I was so into my task. I think it’s also cool that you don’t have music because then you can play your own music over this and rock out to whatever you want!


The hentai is actually a really big highlight of this game. Some games you have to just guess when you are going to see some ass or some action in general. This game literally maps out how many levels you have to play before you can see the next girl. The scenes are well drawn, if a bit flat compared to other games, but you get a lot more than you would elsewhere. I love the fact that you can go back and replay the scenes. If you get far enough in, then you’d have your pick of the crop. More than that, the girls in your harem strip in order to gain more power so you can just look at the cards if nothing seems that interesting that day.


I personally think this game is one of the better hentai games that I’ve played because it has a really good blend of game play and hentai. It’s easy to play, you are able to upgrade your girls pretty quickly and over all it’s just a really fun. The Lack of music isn’t off putting and the prices in the shop for where you can buy items actually isn’t that bad. Especially when they have a sale going on.
Overall a great game. Not the best I’ve played, but I would definitely go back for more. Time to see if Lady Luck is in your bed tonight.