How to act when you have sex

From the very early age, parents try to teach their children how to be kind. They demonstrate how to act when you are at guests, on holidays and other events. However, not all girls know how to act when they have sex with their husbands. Of course, they make some movements intuitively, but there are still some problematic points that may stop a man from further meetings with you. Therefore, in order to know how to behave in bed, girls need to learn in detail all the aspects that must be done.

Do not be too slow

Every man wants to do everything as faster as it is possible. Therefore, a woman should not encourage her husband to ask and persuade her, especially when the moment of intimacy is approaching. While waiting, a man imagines the brightest pictures in his head, the episodes that he would like to become real. However, sometimes it happens that the girl is not able to satisfy the wishes of her husband.

Do not put different “ultimatums”

Very often, a woman tries to have a sex at another day. A man really hates to hear something like “I feel bad, it would be better to do it tomorrow”. Sometimes it happens that a man should do something in return to get sex. Of course, this is a very effective way to manipulate your husband, but do not do it every day. A man knows perfectly that there are many girls all around, and they are ready to have sex just for nothing.

Do not just lay in one position when you have sex

During sex, show yourself as a predator, a priestess who always achieves her goals. In this case, both of you will feel much better during the sex. It is important for a man to realize, and most importantly, to feel his significance in relationships. However, if you do not have a real fire inside, you should not buy bright outfits and accessories from a sex shop, since you will not be able to show them confidently to your man.