How to be the best man in bad

Do not forget about your wife’s secret preferences. Talk to her, maybe she came up with some interesting ideas on how to make sex better.

Talk with her during sex is the easiest way to satisfy a woman in bed

Yes, women like to talk, even during the sex. Of course, at times there is passionate sex when both are not up to talk, but you still have time to say at least a couple of phrases. Ask the woman if she is okay in this or that position, whether she likes what you are doing, ask what she wants to do. Most women appreciate those men who are worried if their partner is satisfied.

And one more secret move, how to satisfy the girl. You have to say compliments. During sex, especially when you started dating not too long ago, a girl can be feel complex about her body. Prove to her that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember that in bed it’s important not to talk too much as well. It should be a conversation during sex and not sex during a conversation.

Forget everything that you saw in porn

Well, almost everything. Porn films are not exactly the right guide to action; it is rather a demonstration of what human bodies are capable of in sex. But believe me, this is not what a woman wants in bed. On some scenes, women are ready to put the mark “Do not repeat in real life.” Not everyone agrees to rough sex and not every girl wants to hear dirty little words. Such experiments should be discussed before sex. Otherwise, you risk leaving the bedroom before the orgasm.

Time for experiments

Experiments are rather what a man wants in bed, not a woman. But in order not to turn into a boring man in bed, you need to experiment. Not so, of course, as in porn, but you should imagine something. Do not limit yourself to three standard poses, change them, and you will see that the sensations will be completely different. You can even search together for suitable positions, and immediately start experimenting.