How to become the best woman in sex

How to become the best for your man in bed? How to be the most desirable woman? Here I have a few important rules for you.

Sex with enthusiasm

You have to be active in bed. The cause of activity is not important for men (whether it’s passion or desire to burn the calories eaten at night), the main thing is to work with enthusiasm. Men get bored to do sex without the participation of a partner. Sex is a team game. You need to do sex with a passion.

Be ready for experiments

If you listen to the men how to become better in sex, then the bedroom will turn into a scientific laboratory. The experiment itself is the goal. Men like to experiment and try something new. Do not be afraid to confess after the experiment that it was fantastic.

Say “yes”

Sexual life would have been much simpler if the partners provided each other with concrete instructions on what to do before sex. There is a way to adjust the actions of the partner without explaining where the clitoris is located. You just have to say “yes,” adding the word “gentle”, “lower” or “higher”. Therefore, a man will know what to do, and you will direct his movements to the right place. A woman, who is always ready to talk about her body, considered to be a present.

Say “no”

Men believe that the best woman must be able to say no. If a girl is always ready, then it is just not interesting. Refusing the idea of a man, do not forget to offer yours. Instead of being angry on your husband for anal sex, it’s better to refuse him. Men sometimes just wonder why the partner did not stop them on time.

Show yourself

Eyes are men’s main erogenous zone, which you need to please. But women have a thousand reasons to hide herself, for example, extra pounds, hair, pins, stretch marks, cellulite and many other arguments against. In fact, men do not need a perfect woman. They just want you to be opened.