How to diversify the missionary position

The missionary position is also inconvenient because the penetration of a man into a woman will not be profound. Thus, the couple will not get all the fullness of sensations from sex. A woman can begin to move towards a man with every movement, thereby helping him. You can also try to move so that the woman’s clitoris touches the pubic part of the man. So the couple will have more fun.

Try more poses!


     Or this pose is also called the “Horsewoman”. As you might guess, this position assumes a woman sitting on top of a man. Usually men like this position especially, because they can clearly see the woman’s body and her face. Also, the woman herself can choose how to move. In this pose, orgasm in women is brighter, as penetration will be much deeper, and muscles contract much more. The only drawback is that the man will be limited in actions, and a woman can get tired of hips and legs.


     Vaginal penetration from behind, when a woman stands with her back to the man. You can also make the pose more convenient if the woman lies on the bed, placing several pillows under her stomach and lifting the pelvis higher. The advantages of this position are the deepest penetration and the sea of incredible sensations. Also, the breasts, hanging down, will be more sensitive in women due to active blood flow. However, the woman will not be able to see her partner. Kissing will also be difficult.

     Don’t be afraid to try new poses – so your intimate life will be much brighter and unforgettable. Add more convenience during an intimacy – organize with your partner a leisurely prelude or an intimate game. To a woman was most comfortable, especially when testing new poses, use a well moisturizing lubricant. And having tried the stimulant for her or for him, the couple will experience a much more keen pleasure.